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Funk Your way- Music Print Co-ords | Street style India Fashion week

Monday, 26 September 2016 / , , , , ,

New York Fashion Week Street Style - Best Street Style at NYFW ... - Elle

The vital fashion scene in India calls for sleek modern looking clothes. The tradition of wearing elaborate to this fashion event called India Fashion Week, has little to do with contemporary style and a lot more to do with making an effort. They call you fetching( if that word still exists) with random facebook status updates specifically targeted for the experi-MENTALS and random instagram comments. I know they feel a slightly more lousy about themselves, but Are you talking to me ? Well if you are then - Hello we meet again !!! 
I am a pretty vibrant woman in life and I like to display my vibrancy in the clothes I wear. My feeling has always been that if you need a piece of clothing to speak for you, it might be the best for everyone if you say nothing at all. And obviously you cannot tell an outfit to shut the hell up which is why I want to tell you all what I am wearing today. Rather what I wore to last season of India Fashion week.
Todays look is Everything with an essence of throwaway chic , that lets me live and  adjust my score of  fashion week game winking with a side of quirky.
Okay so this look also stirred a lot of raised eyeballs ,one coz of the extraordinary knee accessory which I feel is such a bold arrival from the usual fashion safety net and can be literally counted on to snare a lot of attention and second this outfit and a tiny over the little top dramatic eyemakeup--- Errr... those hashtags which you see, yes that , speak a different fashion sensory language so that I don't speak at all.  
Basically I know how to do my homework and then let my creative eye take over the rest. Eclecticism is indeed by all necessity in this big city's fashion - brazen discordance , has found its niche where uniformity once reigned. I am helping it all up by dressing up in splashes of colour so that the city rapidly loses its gray, covered with loud decorative pieces. Go on digest my Aura... Its only gonna do you good :)
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New York Fashion Week Street Style - Best Street Style at NYFW ... - Elle
New York Fashion Week Street Style - Best Street Style at NYFW ...
New York Fashion Week Street Style - Best Street Style at NYFW ... - Elle
New York Fashion Week Street Style - Best Street Style at NYFW ... - Elle
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Quirky meets quirky - With Abhimanyu, a.k.a My fashion week photographer . Pics courtesy - His highness 
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Fashion week confessions and Denim skirt | Indian Street Style

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 / , , , , ,

As runway revolves every three weeks, I have started to realize how my evolutionary tendencies are at odds trying to grab that last piece of accessory driving myself nuts . I love attending fashion weeks and appreciate the dedication of designers and the clothes they offer, but Am I the right audience for most of what I see ? Forget that, coz as long one has the power of influencing,we are sending the messages and live updates straight off the ramp, bloggers and influential editors alike breaking heads with their phones, but seriously how many women are ? About 200 odd men and women sitting right in front of me on the buyer's side ,which I suspect are all there for the entertainment part of it.Extend this a bit more, maybe to create a desire for the products and self created stardom and that's it . Its a tectonic shift happening beneath us, a bit destabilizing but full of possibilities since street fashion came into play. Street fashion is not just what is influencing the runway , but is becoming high fashion.
When most of world population is either consumed with acquisition or basic survival, practical chic and taste are way too complex to sell these days. I don't know if it's me but I feel that much of the language around clothes sounds forced. While I have my own Ahaaa moments , I want to be the woman who knows what she likes and take pride in what she wears.
Clearly keeping my finger on the fashion pulse, I am that grown up girl who likes pretty outfits and love looking pretty in them. So for the next season, you may find that my fashion sense may be at odds again with contemporary tropes of luxury, that don't shout their antecedents and don't bear designer names along with a few money spinning accessories ( only accessories , I swear) already done and paid for and negotiated into coveted fashion shoots, my focus is going to be on styling.
Till then this much on trend denim skirt with  Edward scissor hands style top both from Stalk buy love is keeping me on trend collectively displaying something new in fashion and trend , more noteworthy and more honest without having to spill too much of my $$$. 

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Swimwear styles to Invest In

Sunday, 4 September 2016 /

Planning a beach vacation or a yacht wedding ? Don't know the kind of  swimwear styles that would be in vogue or you should invest in ?
Fret not , I am listing down a few swimsuit trends you can invest in which would still be prevailing in the coming year and even next and we have picked the most trending colour of the season - Blue Bathing suit which I shortlisted from Zaful

1 Printed Onesie :A sexy one piece floral one piece swimsuit has a long way to go . Florals are ruling all the charts right now, and this floral number screams statement. Even the Baywatch makers would agree on that !!
From tropical to florals to fauna everything is bang trendy and we predict that its going to stay for a bit longer too.

2. One shoulder style : My heart was set on this piece the minute I laid my eyes on it . They come in so many color but the blue one looks like candy and I am having a pastel phase in my life right now.
The scalloped trims and hem is a bonus and trust me its one style that is super flattering on most body types. If you are a bit on the heavy side, then I would suggest u go in for a shade darker ( they have beautiful olives and burgundy and browns too in the same style.)

3. A beach sheet which double up as a cover up - If you haven't got one of these, then you haven't got anything . How cute are these flamingos ? This would gel and pair up very well with the scalloped style and should be the first thing to put in that suitcase even before the swimsuit.

A lot more variety of styles and colors and colours are available, and I am linking down a few more for ur shopping right now . Don't forget to tell me which ones u like ? 
Its Romper season , so get yourself a new one . Click on Zaful and get shopping .You can use code for 10 % off -  ZFEN01