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Why Women See Custom Designed Engagement Rings as a True Gift of Love

Friday 7 October 2016 /

Every day there are tens of thousands of young men asking their girlfriends to be their wives. This is one of the most important, if not the most important, questions they’ll ever have to ask. For this reason, you want the very best ring you can afford but you also don’t want to pop the question with just any old ring. Have you considered taking the expert jewelers at Ascot Diamonds advice on what kind of custom designed engagement ring would work well within your personal budget and with the wedding bands you have in mind? Here are some things you might want to think about.

Her Personal Preference in Jewelry

If you ask any lady what she thinks her man knows about her personal tastes and style, she will probably tell you he wouldn’t be able to answer that question. This is why a custom designed engagement ring in a style she prefers would be seen as a true gift of love. You actually know what she likes and have taken the time to have that ring designed and made just for her! You may need the help of her family and friends here if the ‘question’ is going to be asked in a surprise attack, but with the help of her friends, it’s something you can do.

The Symbolism within the Setting

An engagement ring is often seen as a ‘place marker’ in simple terms. Many young men make the mistake of thinking that ring is simply marking time until that happy day when they are legally joined as man and wife. That’s the wrong way to go about looking at that ring! From her vantage point that ring is sometimes even more important than the actual wedding set because it is the day you declared your undying love that culminates in the wedding, but the actual ‘contract’ was agreed to on that day. A custom designed ring shows that you take this pledge seriously and are committed to a relationship that is like the ring – designed just for the two of you.

Something Her Friends Can Envy

Women love to go around showing their new engagement ring to everyone and anyone who’ll take a moment to share the news but unfortunately, altogether too often there is nothing really special about the ring itself. It’s hard to get people excited about a ring that can be bought in any jeweler’s or department store in the country so a custom designed ring gives them something to talk about. “He had this made just for me. That’s how much he loves me.”
And, that is the answer in a nutshell. By having a custom designed setting made for your intended, you are telling her you love her just that much and that her love is so special it needs to be immortalized in a unique setting that is one-of-a-kind, just like her. You have chosen this woman out of millions who walk the face of the earth. She is special and so should that engagement ring be just as special. Declare your undying love with a unique, custom designed ring and you will thrill her beyond words. That’s a promise.