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5 Distinct Timekeepers From Rado

Friday 6 November 2015 / ,

A Rado fan? Who isn’t! The kind of watches they create and their breathtaking brand ambassadors like Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Ray make us go head over heels all the more. However, there are so many collections that it can be hard for any horologist, aspiring or experienced, to know where to begin. How do you find true uniqueness and quality in a sea of Rado knockoffs and subpar “luxury” lines?
Rado watches set themselves apart with innovation and elegance, applying modern materials and engineering to classic designs. There are a huge range of Rado Watch search with their own distinct aesthetic and features. If you’re in search of a piece to set you apart from the pack, try out these Rado collections. Want to buy one? Try getting great deals on  Rado watches price at Ethos Watches online.
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 1. Rado Centrix
·        Price: Rs 90,000 - 95,300
·        Perfect for: everyday wear, athletics and sporting
Of all Rado’s collections, Centrix is one of the most versatile. This collection is an update of a classic Rolex or Jaeger look, with a round face and linked bracelet. Like most of Rado’s signature pieces, the Centrix is made from high-tech ceramic with a slightly domed sapphire crystal, with the line’s signature scratch-proof coating. Those updated materials make this one tough timepiece, great for the office or a weekend of camping. No matter where your tastes lie, there’s a Centrix to match your style.

 2. Florence
·        Price: Rs 42,100
·        Perfect for: men and ladies, jewelry style, evening dress or statement piece
The Florence line is a jewelry piece, appropriate for men and women. Florence watches are set apart by their intricate beaded metal bracelets in bright metallics. Like the Centrix, the Florence has a classic round face with a variety of dial types that range from minimalist to elegant and eye-catching.

The Florence's intricate bracelet may look fine and delicate, but it’s made with Rado’s trademark durability. This may not be a sportsman’s watch, but it will last through decades of day-to-day wear and tear. A great gift for him or her, the Florence collection are all about fashion-forward, funky style and elegance at an affordable price.
 3. Coupole
·        Price: Rs 79,700
·        Perfect for: everyday wear, evening wear, men and ladies
Coupole is a collection for the artist and the dreamer. These fluid, curving designs take inspiration from the popular steampunk aesthetic, with complex movements and muted, metallic colors. Still rooted in Rado’s minimalist elegance, the Coupole line adds a bit more texture to normally streamlined designs. The Chronograph model variations feature intricate dials set into the watch face, exposing the inner workings and engineering of these high-quality timepieces. Most Coupole watches feature a two-toned color scheme: black and silver in the classic line, and incorporating brass, copper, and rose gold elements in the Jubile, or jewelry variation. Elegant and dreamy, Coupole watches are a great fit for any stylish man or woman.

4. Integral
·        Price: Rs 1,46,600
·        Perfect for: office and formal attire, athletics and sporting
 Integral is classic and conservative, bringing in Rado’s futuristic edge to perfectly update a tried and tested aesthetic. Square watch faces and casings were the vogue for the first decade of the 21st century, but the Integral collection takes the edge off with an elegant, elongated rectangular face and casing. This is the perfect collection for formal wear and business work, perfectly in step with the sleek, sophisticated lines of modern menswear fashion. Try the black and chrome model to keep that conservative polish, or brighten it up and advertise a bit with the gold elements of the Jubile variation. If you’d like a little extra punch without the glitter, try an Integral Chronograph with three quartz movement dials set under a domed crystal.

5. Hyperchrome
·        Price: Rs 2,58,300
·        Perfect for: formal wear, office wear, athletics and sporting

The Hyperchrome line is the absolute peak of Rado engineering and ingenuity. This timepiece construction builds on everything Rado’s engineers have learned working with high tech, superhard ceramics in watch construction. Hyperchrome’s trademark shine comes from a process called plasma carburizing, developed and patented by Rado. The super hard ceramic has a natural, deep luster, and it creates a surface harder, lighter, and more durable than most metals. No need for flashy embellishments or jewel studding: Hyperchrome’s quality and engineering (have a look at thisvideo showing the production process) will speak for themselves to anyone who knows what a quality watch looks like.
 A Few Final Words
The right watch is a perfect accent to any look, casual or formal: a great way to add a touch of your own personality taste and style to even the most basic of office uniforms or black jackets. Rado is the perfect brand to find a watch as unique as its wearer, with a huge range of styles, variations, and functions to choose from. There’s a Rado watch waiting for you to find it: all you have to do is start looking!