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Vacation Outfit And Easy Ways to Stay Fit On a Holiday

Friday, 10 January 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Winters is in full swing in Delhi , which only means one thing -Its freaking cold. My vacation is over , n I am NOT liking the fact that I have to be back into the grind :( 
Every holiday comes with its own set of Pros and Cons ! For me it always throws in a monkey wrench on my fitness program. Before going on a vacation the focus is always on being in the best of shape, but post that it shifts on to losing the weight !!  This time around, I made sure that I at least maintain my months of hard work, so that there is  no baggage of any regretted pounds and it Worked ! Wanna know How ?
  •  Packing workout clothes(it derives motivation and keeps you accountable to do justice to what you pack ).If your hotel/ resort has a gym, then half the battle is over, what you only need is a bit of determination, n will power(in my case it means getting up early  ) If it doesn't have one ,engage in activities like Swimming, playing a sport, or Cycling. I made it a point , that I regularly do my swimming laps ! It worked ..
  • Go hiking- The resort we stayed in , had beautiful rubber plantations spread around 1000 acres. I decided to explore it one day, and god knows how many times the step watcher app on my phone beeped !! It was sort of congratulating me on every 10,000 step(my daily target). End result- I had to call a resort car to take me back.It OVERWORKED. 
  • Count that Calorie - I always made it a point to start every meal with lots of salad and soup And was shameless enough to finish the salad spread for 15 people all alone one day . lol. But u need not go that overboard. The idea is to half fill the tummy with low calorie intake, so that you save only half your appetite to explore unhealthy options - hell Yeah -It worked 
  • Convert-Waiting at the Airport to Walking at the Airport, browse the shops, keep moving while you can, coz you will be glued to your seat in the craft .Your walking Mate App will prove how much calories these airport walking burns !! 
  • Pack a light and healthy snack from home or resort for the airport and flight so you don’t end up with a can of Pringles or Pizza and regret it later.There is a word called moderationnnnnn..
  • Sit back and Relax-Don’t spend so much time stressing about staying healthy on vacation, that you can’t enjoy where you are. When your mindset is healthy, your choices will follow. Stay active as much as possible so that it’s okay if you have a couple extra cheat meals.
In the End Work hard and play even harder :)
Signing off with What I wore on Christmas day !! South India does not witness any snowfall, so what !! We created some pseudo snow effect ! U gotta see the pictures now :) 
Blouse- OASAP
Denim Jacket- Promod
Ripped Jeans- Only
Pumps- Lavie
Earrings- From Bangkok
  1. You are so cute!!!
    I love everything! kisses!

  2. This outfit is so fabulous! You look chic and pretty. I'm loving the look of those rolled up jeans.

    Great tips on staying fit, too. Whenever I travel, I always pack my work out clothing and shoes. Unless of course...I travel to where there is snow lol. In that case, I can only take my snow gear :)

    xo Azu

  3. Love the jacket & jeans <3 Great outfit Surbhi!!

  4. Love your jacket :)

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  5. It seems an excellent post and you've shared great tips for staying healthy. I always try to pack minimum things while travelling. BTW you look so CHIC in that amazing outfit. I <3 your red jacket and pumps. xoxo

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  6. I love love the shades!!! And lovely outfit, babe!!

  7. I needed those tips before holidays!! Now it's too late :)
    But they are really helpful and I will follow them during next holiday which fortunately will be soon!
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara
    Bloglovin Bonjourchiara

  8. very nice outfit and your hair is wow.

  9. Hello! that beautiful, love the sunglasses

  10. Your hair is wow... First pic is awesome..I loved the jacket color.... The sueudo snow effect is awesome!!

  11. Say what? I have those same denims from Only!! ^_^
    Love your tips....will surely keep 'em in mind whenever travelling!

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    Loved your Blog :*

  13. Would you like to FOLLOW ME ON GFC?
    Follow me first, then I will Follow back :)

    Loved your Blog :*

  14. Love the red blazer and that ASOS sunnies!!! Fab!!

  15. love the sunglasses they really suit you! you look gorgeous

  16. Love your sunnies!
    New outfit post on my blog, come and have a look if you have time!

  17. Hello glamorous lady! You look fabulous and I love how you've made the ripped jeans look posh! You've inspired me to holiday in Kerala too..:-)
    Have you visited the new and improved website yet..

  18. Hi sweetie, you look amazing as always. I love this color combination, good job. Kisses

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  19. Such a glam look and love your shoes!! <3

    Have a wonderful week ahead!! :)

  20. Love your red jacket darling!


  21. I agree with your tips, I think they are good and work. What a place, I like the snow effect you recreated, lol so funny! And you look adorable Surbhi, the colors suit you!:) Have a good day! xo

  22. you look good :)

  23. great casual outfit dear :-) jeans <3

  24. Love your outfit dear!
    You have such a great sense of style, so inspiring <3
    Have a nice day.
    Love, Mona

  25. Lovely outfit and wonderful advice on how to keep in shape even during holidays ! It's hard for me to keep on track during holidays, in fact now I am starting to eat more healthy again after a month of junk food/sweets/desserts/fried food ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  26. You look really wonderful with that outfit! The sunnies and shoes are my favourites, you totally rock them! :)
    And thanks very much for the tips, they're very helpful. <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  27. cool sunglasses and earrings dear :D


  28. nice pictures and lovely tips!

  29. great tips! although i always find it's never hard to stay fit while on holiday with so much walking! happy 2014 to you! i know i've been MIA awhile! oh life.


  30. Nice outfit! Love your style! You look genius! Love your outfit!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  31. I love your red blazer!! look so awesome!